Ashland Source: Drew Burge’s campaign finances draw largely from Democratic PAC

Nathan Hart, Report for America Corps Member, September 16, 2022

ASHLAND — Democrat Drew Burge of Brunswick has raised more than $3,629 — the majority of which came from a Political Action Committee — for his bid for the 67th Ohio House District, according to campaign finance data.

In less than eight weeks, Burge takes on Republican Melanie Miller for the newly formed Ohio house district.

A total of $2,806 of Burge’s campaign money came from the Blue Ohio PAC. This organization is a PAC that collects and distributes donations to Democratic candidates in Ohio that are running for office.

Blue Ohio is a joint project between former Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper and It Starts Today, a national PAC that distributes donations to Democratic candidates nationwide.

The rest of Burge’s campaign money comes from small donations, including $50 from Ashland County Democratic Party Chairwoman Paula Watson, and $462.96 from Burge himself.

In August, Ashland Source reviewed Melanie Miller’s pre-primary campaign finances, and readers asked us why we didn’t also do an article on Drew Burge then.

The reason was because at the time of that publication, Burge did not have any pre-primary campaign finance data available, likely because his only contribution before the primary was $128 from himself. Any campaign that raises or spends less than $1,000 does not have to submit a pre-primary report.

But all candidates that appear on a ballot, regardless of how much they raise or spend, are required to submit a post-primary finance report by the 38th day after the primary, which was last Friday. 

The post-primary report also includes any contributions that would have appeared on a pre-primary report, if Burge had needed to file one.

Blue Ohio: By joining Blue Ohio, you’re helping Democratic candidates like Drew fund their campaigns and reach voters across the state. Join today!

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