Set Your Calendar: a Special Issue 1 Invite!

You’re invited!

We’re excited to announce that on Tuesday August 8th we are having a Virtual Election Night Watch Call (and, we hope, party)! The eyes of the country are focused on Ohio right now, and we’ll be joining together (virtually) to watch the Issue 1 special election results come in. We hope you can join us.

Besides host David Pepper, we’ll have a number of guests from all over Ohio (and the country), including former Ohio Governor Ted StricklandState Representatives Rachel Baker, Elliot Forhan, and Casey Weinstein; Jordan Hawkins, executive director of the Ohio Democratic House Caucus; and Jessica Piper, rural firebrand and Executive Director of our sister project Blue Missouri. We’ll also lean on some Ohio elections experts to help us unpack the results as they come in (think of them as our own Steve Kornackis!).

We’ll kick things off at 7:30 eastern as the polls close – and we hope you’ll join us. We’re expecting a big (virtual) crowd, so please register in advance by clicking here or at the link below.

Please invite your friends!
Onward, upward, and in solidarity~
The Blue Ohio Team

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