WATCH: David Joins Statehouse Candidate Nancy Larson to Talk Blue Ohio

On June 24, David joined Nancy Larson, who is running for Ohio statehouse in District 41, to talk about Blue Ohio.

In the past six months alone, Ohio Republicans have passed a bill calling for genital inspections of student athletes, insisted that rape provides an “opportunity” for a woman, and violated the state constitution five times to solidify their power with gerrymandered maps.

In any normal environment, their actions would be career-ending.

But not in Ohio. That’s due in part to their belief they’re untouchable.

Protected by gerrymandered districts, many of them have run unopposed in the general election for cycles (and for some, for their entire political career). The only election they need to worry about winning is the primary.

And to win a primary, they need to cater to an ever-increasingly-radical base.

That’s why holding them accountable starts with running and supporting candidates in every district who can demand that they answer for their policy failures and their extremist positions.

But we need to do more than make sure we’ve got people on the ballot. We need to make sure they’ve got resources to reach every voter – and to fight fiercely in every corner of the state.

Watch David’s conversation with Nancy:

And then join us at Blue Ohio. We’re holding the radical Ohio GOP accountable, and building the community of people that will be lifting Ohio Democrats up over the long term. We’d love to have you on our team.

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